Monday, December 1, 2008


We had a quiet little Thanksgiving holiday this year. We stayed in SC and had dinner at our new house with my Mom and stepdad Lonnie. It was very relaxing and included no holiday driving marathons...ahhhhh. My brother went up to VA for the holiday break and it took him 11 hours to get home rather than the normal 7 hours. Ick. Yes...a quiet Thanksgiving was so nice. We threw our traditional pie party that evening. We had a few families over and enjoyed a great variety of yummy pies. I made homemade apple and pumpkin pie as well as a chocoate mousse. We also were graced with a peanut butter mousse pie as well as a delicious apple praline cheesecake...YUM! It was all worth it...and yes...even the extra few pounds.


Tonja said...

Sounds delish. I wish we could have come to your pie party. I'm sure everything was yummy, knowing how good of a cook you are. O, and what do you mean, your kids don't look at the camera? Was this a photoshope pic? They look great!

Bradshaw said...

A pie party? I love it! I am glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, we also stayed home. Kathy's family came over and we only did three pies this year; dutch apple, banana cream and coconut cream. I miss you!


Michael said...

YUM! Sounds like a good time, and your table is BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't stop eating the Rice Krispie Treats my mom-in-law fixed with 2 sticks of butter and more on the bottom to grease the pan. Why does pure fat have to be sooo good? I didn't feel guilty either...ok, maybe a tiny bit.