Monday, April 14, 2008

Chef Grace and Sous-Chef Dale

Grace decided on Saturday that she wanted french toast and Dale offered to make them for her (big surprise considering Dale doesn't cook). Grace wanted none of that and demanded that she be the "cooker", as she likes to say. They both prepare by donning their aprons and getting out the needed supplies. Dale helped with the process but Grace did almost everything herself, including flipping the toast in the pan. I think she's going to turn out to be a great cook!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Special Olympics with Tristan

We had the opportunity of attending the Special Olympics at Furman University today. Tristan competed in 3 events and placed in all! We were very proud of him. He ran the 50 M with a fourth place finish. He would have done better but he actually stopped and let the rest of the boys pass him so he could chase them. He laughed hysterically the entire time down the track. I just shook my head as that's Tristan for you. It was pretty funny. His next event was the softball throw. This is typically his worst event as he's always placed poorly when he was in Special Olympics in Florida. Just no interest really in throwing a ball. Well, you could tell he'd been practicing and he actually won a silver medal. His last event was the 100M relay. He was first leg of the race and Dale decided to run in the inside of the track (no one is allowed to help the person) so Tristan would have someone to chase. He did awesome although I think Dale was a bit out of breath afterwards. But with Tristan's great performance and those of his 3 classmates, they took the gold medal! I included a cute picture of the four of them together. Ross is got his arm around Tristan and he was actually chosen to sing the National Anthem for the entire event. It was pretty amazing...he's only 11 years old. Overall...great day and awful farmer's tan for us all. Ugh. (I forgot sunblock...oops!)