Monday, January 26, 2009

Utah Ski Trip

Dale on the ski lift at Sundance
Mount Timpanogoos, UT

Dawna & Dale on the ski lift

Thought you might enjoy a few pictures of the ski trip Dale and I took a couple of weeks ago. I only have what we took with our phone while on the lift at Sundance as we didn't really take too many pictures.

We went to Utah for 6 days...without kids. It was so fun and definitely refreshing to have some time alone together. We also spent some time with Dale's brother's (Chad, Elvan, & Freddy)who live there in Utah. We ate a ton at all our favorite restaurants (Rumbi's, Tepanyaki, Bajios, Zuppa and of course, Cafe Rio. (3 times!) We were able to go to the SLC temple and stocked up on Utah stuff galore. We skiied at Snowbird and Sundance during our visit. Besides the blizzard conditions on arrival, the week turned out great. I miss Utah, but definitely don't miss the cold.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grace's 8th Birthday

Happy Birthday Grace!
Pop Pop & Mimi at dinner with us

Dawna, Tristan, & Grace having a great time at dinner

Tristan, Dale, Grace, Aunt Libby, & Addison at Wasabi!

We celebrated Grace's birthday with dinner out. Every year I love going to a Japanese steak house (the one where they cook the food in front of you) and this last June we took Grace with us. She was in love! She adored the show and the food and proclaimed, for everyone to hear, that she was going to go there for her birthday next year. Well, sure enough, she made it known that she wanted to go out to eat to the Japanese steak house like Mom. So we were able to take both her and our family as well as her Mimi and Pop Pop and Aunt Libby and cousin Addison to dinner. The chef was hilarious and kept us laughing most the night and Grace's favorite parts were the little toy man that squirt water on the fire (it looked like it was peeing...bathroom humor is big with eight year olds as you know) and the smoking volcano/train. It was quite entertaining. She loved that they sang "Happy Birthday" with the drum and gave her fancy chopsticks to take home. She kept a smile of her face all night.

"Eight is Great!" Grace's Baptism

Getting ready to get baptised...

Grace and Dale on her special day

Today Grace made the decision to be baptised. We are so proud of her and she positively glowed all day. We know she'll never forget her special day since it was on her actual birthday. About 80 people attended and we asked each person to write a small message on a 3x5 card as a keepsake for her and hope she will always remember her special day.